About Us

Tulane’s Compliance & Ethics Program is integrated into the university-wide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program.

The ERM program is a collaborative risk-management effort supported by the work of the Office of Enterprise Risk Services, Internal Audit, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Compliance & Ethics Work Group, in coordination with the University’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Executive Council (GRCEC), a standing committee of University executives. The GRCEC's responsibilities include, among others, promoting the appropriate “Tone at the Top” and “Mood at the Middle” that fully supports a culture of enterprise risk management, compliance, ethical behavior, and non-retaliation at Tulane, including effective communication of such throughout the organization. The GRCEC also provides oversight and evaluation of the structure, operations, and effectiveness of the Compliance & Ethics Program.

The Compliance & Ethics Work Group supports and coordinates ethics and compliance functions across the University.

Stuart I. Freedman, MPH, MPA
Director of Compliance and Ethics
Phone: 504.988.7703
Email: sfreedman@tulane.edu

Genean Mathieu
Assistant Director of University Compliance
Phone: 504.247.1286
Email: gmathieu@tulane.edu

Reinhard Breckner
Senior Business and Compliance Administrator
Office of the General Counsel

Phone: 504.314.7683
Email: rbreckne@tulane.edu

For compliance resources related to specific Tulane activities, see Compliance Partners.