It is the Tulane University Medical Group’s (TUMG) policy to provide services and conduct its operations in compliance with all state and federal laws and consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics and to carry out our activities with honesty, integrity, and diligence.

Clinical Compliance Operations Committee (CCOC)

The CCOC is responsible for advising the TUMG Governing Board (the "Board") and the Governance Risk and Compliance Executive Council (GRCEC) on the development of compliance policies, Health Insurance & Portability Accountability Act ("HIPAA") security and privacy issues, education and training, and the identification of internal audit priorities and risk areas based on the annual Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Work Plan. In this regard, the CCOC prepares an annual work plan.  The CCOC monitors responses to external billing audits and coordinates implementation of the annual work plan. The CCOC provides reports of its activities to the GRCEC and to the Board, proposes annual education to the Board that includes training for the Tulane University Medical Group and Tulane University Campus Health, each component's participating physicians and clinicians, and all University employees and departments that provide management, administrative, financial, legal and operational support services to or on behalf of the Tulane University Medical Group and/or Tulane University Campus Health. 

The CCOC members include, in addition to the Chairman, the TUMG Compliance Officer, University Privacy and Data Compliance Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Pharmacy and 340B Compliance Audit.  The CCOC may from time to time, appoint full or part-time staff or outside counsel to assist in compliance related activities, and they are members and participate in the work and decisions of the CCOC.  An attorney from the Office of the General Counsel provides legal advise to the CCOC.

Chairman - Clinical Compliance Operations Committee
Edwin Dennard, MD
Compliance Committee Email: ccoc@tulane.edu

Compliance Help Line
1-855-5GOWAVE (1-855-546-9283)
MyComplianceReport.com (Company I.D. is TUL)