Immigration Policy

Policy on Permanent Residency Sponsorship and Sponsorship Form


Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I eligible to be sponsored by Tulane University for Permanent Residency?

You must be a full time regular employee and employed greater than 6 months. Your position must not be funded by a grant or outside sources.

I want to apply for Permanent Residency.

Your dean, director or department head must complete the Sponsorship form expressing the department's support and assistance in your application and forward to the Office of the General Counsel. You are required to retain an immigration attorney to represent you and for all filing and legal fees. Your attorney is responsible for drafting and filing all documents after approval by the Office of the General Counsel.

Do you have a list of immigration attorneys?

No. The Office of the General Counsel does not recommend outside counsel.

I am a medical resident -- am I eligible to apply for permanent residency?

No. Please read the Tulane University Office of the General Counsel Immigration Policy prior to retaining an attorney to represent you in any immigration matter relating to your employment with Tulane.