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HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures

GC-001      Designation of Health Care Components and Hybrid Entities

GC-002A   Designation of Organized Health Care Arrangements 

GC-002B   Designation of Organized Health Care Arrangements 

GC-002C   Designation of Organized Health Care Arrangements

GC-003     Notice of Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement

GC-004     Process for Revising the Notice of Privacy Practices

GC-005     Minimum Necessary Standard

GC-006     Preparation and Maintenance of Designated Record Sets

GC-007     Responsibilities for Requests

GC-008     Patient Access to Protected Health Information

GC-009     Confidentiality of Protected Health Information

GC-010     Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information and Revoke Authorization 

GC-011     Patient Request to Amend PHI

GC-012     Uses and Disclosures of PHI for Research

GC-013     Patient Privacy - Accounting of Disclosures

GC-014     Privacy Complaint Process

GC-015     Fundraising Activities

GC-016     Marketing Activities

GC-017     Business Associates Agreement

GC-018     Data Use Agreement

GC-019     Privacy Official

GC-020     Privacy Training - HIPAA

GC-021     Internal Audit for HIPAA - Privacy

GC-022    Personal Representatives

GC-023    Sensitive Information

GC-024    Consent and Release

GC-025    HIPAA Privacy Requirements During Disasters

GC-026    Response to Breach of Unsecured Protected Health InformationExhibit 1, and Violation Action

GC-027    Health Oversight and Public Health Activities

GC-028    Site Visits and Privacy Audits