A subpoena is an order directing the recipient to appear and testify at a specific time and place. A subpoena duces tecum requires the recipient to produce certain documents listed in the subpoena on the date and time designated in the subpoena. A subpoena does not grant authority to search the premises. The following is Tulane University's procedure for responding to a subpoena. If the subpoena is directed at Tulane University or one of Tulane University's departments or schools:

The General Counsel is the only person designated to accept service of a subpoena on behalf of Tulane University. Please direct the individual attempting to serve the subpoena to the following locations:

Uptown--300 Gibson Hall, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, phone 865-5783, fax 865-5784

Health Sciences Center--Tidewater Building, 1440 Canal Street, Room 1406 (Mail Code: 8403), phone 988-5031, fax 988-3588.

If an employee has erroneously accepted the subpoena, please sign, date, email or fax the subpoena and contact the Office of the General Counsel immediately.

If you are issuing a subpoena for medical records of a patient of Tulane-Lakeside Hospital, Tulane University Medical Center a/k/a Tulane University Hospital & Clinic, and/or the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, the request should be directed to the following entity:   

                        Medical Records Custodian                        
                        Tulane University Medical Center                        
                        1415 Tulane Avenue, 2nd Floor (HC-11)                       
                        New Orleans, LA 70112  

Tulane University School of Medicine, a/k/a The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, d/b/a Tulane University Health Science Center, nor any of our physicians are medical record custodians of the above entities.